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Presentation Skills for Executives, Powerful Communications
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Executive Coach, Executive Coaching
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Executive Coach, Executive Coaching
Presentation Skills for Executives, Powerful Communications
Powerful Presentations Speaker, Powerful Communications
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Coaching with Focus <download pdf>
executive coaching for leaders

Executive Coach, Executive Coaching

"A million thanks to you for helping us to 'bring that baby home'! You definitely helped to lessen the pain and angst ... and I believe you contributed to our success. We are ever grateful.”
- Isabelle Bisceglio, Ph.D., Vice President, SAIC

"Mark in particular, demonstrates excellent ability in direct communication, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing accountability. Mark has demonstrated a great level of enthusiasm and professionalism in his coach training.”
- Jeffrey E. Auerbach, Ph.D., President, College of Executive Coaching

"Your coaching was very useful.
- Robert Spewak, Vice President, FC Business Systems, Inc.

"I really just want to thank you for your time, support and efforts and to let you know that I believed this helped me tremendously. Your efforts were worth more to me than any compensation you received.
- Rick Neville, Senior Manager, General Dynamics

Benefits of Working with Mark Sincevich:
• Achieve a greater understanding and strengthening of yourself through the use of leadership assessments
• Align personal goals with organizational goals to visualize your potential
• Explore innovative and creative options beyond your own paradigm
Use powerful questioning techniques to gain clarity on your values
Improve your communication and presentation power
Learn to truly appreciate and practice a work life balance
Get more of the right things accomplished with the Perspective Pad System
Establish a confidential relationship with an objective 'thought partner'
Create accountability for your business and personal direction
Move forward on your key goals and objectives to influence your future

Executive Coaching Overview
The Latin word for education is educare, and this means to 'draw out.' An effective executive coach will work with you to literally draw out your personal and organizational goals, objectives and desires from under the layers of complexity in today's busy world. At the same time, executive coaching recognizes you don't have all of the answers either. Coaching with Focus starts by placing the emphasis for your personal development on you. You will better understand and strengthen yourself through a range of leadership diagnostic tools, establish goals and objectives so you can visualize your potential, and influence your future with a combination of motivation and accountability. By working with you one-on-one to create a Coaching with Focus personal development plan, you will be able to get more of the right things accomplished, grow new behaviors, feel better about yourself and certainly improve your performance through the use of face-to-face meetings, telephone coaching sessions and e-mail support.

About Executive Coach Mark Sincevich
Mark Sincevich works with motivated and skilled executives to help them strengthen themselves, visualize their potential and influence their future. When Mark works with Executives and Leaders using his Presenting with Focus coaching methodology for important sales presentations, he has achieved over an 80% win rate! Presenting with Focus or powerful communications is just one of the many facets of Mark's Coaching with Focus program. Mark is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and completed post-graduate coursework at the College of Executive Coaching and New Ventures West. Mark is the Chief Perspective Officer of his company, Leading with Focus, a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and the Executive Director of the Digital Photography Institute. In addition to his executive coaching, Mark works with organizations to develop leaders with more focus and creativity through his speaking programs and writing with a unique photography angle. He is also the author of three books including The Leadership Lens.

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Additional Information to Help You Prepare for This Program

For more information or to book this program, please contact Leading with Focus directly at 301-654-3010 or info@leadingwithfocus.com .


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