Presentation Skills for Executives, Powerful Communications

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Presentation Skills for Executives, Powerful Communications
Professional Speaker, Photographer

Presentation Skills for Executives, Powerful Communications
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Presentation Skills for Executives, Powerful Communications
Professional Speaker, Photographer
Powerful Presentations Speaker, Powerful Communications
Executive Presentations

Presenting with Focus <download pdf>
powerful presentation skills and communications for executives and leaders

Executive Presentations

"Using your amazing gift of photography to underscore the presentation skills class was ingenious. ... One major comment from the students was their enhanced ability to develop a leadership focus for their presentations by keeping the message simple and increasing their ability to resonate with the audience .”
- Brian M. Simmons, Director
U.S. Army Evaluation Center

"Mark throws a punch far above his weight! His ability to motivate and energize people is outstanding and will certainly benefit my staff dealing with the financial community.
- Thordur Jonasson, Managing Director
Icelandic National Debt Management Agency
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· Increase the message retention for your audience to achieve resonance
· Improve your visual, vocal & verbal delivery for maximum presentation impact
· Increase your message power using the Staash Perspective System (SPS)
· Understand the importance of "how to" communicate your message
· Enhance the quality of your content & the delivery of your presentation
· Become more confident in your powerful presentation skills

Other Benefits:
· Build your confidence by working on multiple rehearsals
· Provide an objective point-of-view from 'the outside looking in'
Work on pre-presentation logistics to maximize your opportunity
· Track your progress through digital video reviews and positive reinforcement
· Eliminate unwanted habits that prevent you from achieving success
· Learn to use PowerPoint as a way to magnify your communications
· Find out about the message simplicity and the ONE thing!

Program Overview
Do you know how to effectively communicate a great idea or new initiative to your peers, employees or customers? Are you at the top of your organization and still have a challenge being understood or achieving resonance? Resonance means connecting with as many people in your audience as possible in order to achieve the changes you want. In the Presenting with Focus program, you will learn powerful presentation skills and communications designed for executives and leaders. The crucial information learned could make the difference between getting your project approved or having a greater chance of getting the sale. Powerful Communications (Presenting with Focus) is the second leg of the Leading with Focus tripod.

In this insightful program, you will learn about the Staash Perspective System (SPS) and key photography principles as they relate to communications and your ability to develop powerful presentation skills. Learn how to apply these principles to create powerful messages and memorable stories. Become inspired to create a culture of communications and presentation excellence by understanding the importance of solid content, effective delivery, practicing Q&A and communications logistics. You will leave the program with specific strategies on how to eliminate unwanted and embarrassing habits in order to increase your communication power. When you Present with Focus, you will get more accomplished than you have ever thought possible, and you will raise the bar of presentation excellence throughout your organization!

When Mark works with Executives and Leaders on developing a very important sales presentation using the Presenting with Focus methodology, Mark has achieved over an 80% win rate!


Professional Speaker, Photographer About Mark Sincevich, the Presenter

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Download the Simple is Powerful - the quest for powerful communications skills for executives Special Report

Additional Information to Help You Prepare for This Program

For more information or to book this program, please contact Leading with Focus directly at 301-654-3010 or .


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